The Inclusion Project

For many families, going to the football can often be a challenging experience navigating through large crowds and loud noises. This can be more stressful for someone attending with a disability, that may not be immediately apparent. Inclusion Project staff have lived experience of disability and are employed to improve the experience of those attending the football and reducing the additional challenges some families face at a large sporting event.

Those who register for our inclusion project pack receive

A Sunflower lanyard to wear at the stadium to allow staff to recognise that they may require additional assistance throughout the game.

A sensory map to identify high sensory and low sensory areas to help navigate through the stadium and prepare for additional noise or crowded areas. 

Social stories that illustrate how to navigate through venues, displayed through pictures in an easy-to-understand structure.

Inclusion Project Officer

I really enjoy my role as an Inclusion Project Officer because I love working with everyone in the program. I've really improved my confidence and I feel way more confident speaking in front of people because of the work I do in The Inclusion Project. I can now have the confidence to ask questions and speak up when I need to. When I am now unsure, I am no longer afraid. This also really improved my customer service skils. As a result of my employment with The Inclusion Project at Hawthorn AFL games at the MCG, I have also gained employment with the MCC which I am loving and am really proud of. I'm always happy to ask if people require assistance to ensure they have a wonderful and stress-free experience when they attend the football. The sensory room is very inviting and is very inclusive and welcoming for those that need it. 


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